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As software engineers, we’ve been crafting websites and apps since the 90’s. Lately, we’ve taken a keen interest in Large Language Models and their countless applications. From automating complex workflows, to generating video from text. Let us show you how you can incorporate them seamlessly into your existing technology stack.

What we do


We love open source LLM’s. Why? Because you can finetune them on your own data and host them anywhere.

Automated Workflows

By creating a swarm of agents, each with a specific skill, you can achieve previously unthinkable tasks.


If your organization could have a 2nd brain, what would you store in it?
Every detail of every ongoing project? Up to date information on your competitors? If there’s a source for your data, it can be used to finetune your LLM.


What’s your industry going to look like in 6, 12 or 24 months from now? We don’t know, but we have a pretty good idea on how to plan for it.

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