Safety flaws in Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Search giant Google has been boasting about its new offing, the self-driving cars, for a long time now but even if the idea seems to be very enticing but is it promising as well, in terms of safety, remains a big concern.

With its new offering, Google has planted many hopes among both the car lovers as well as those who need them in real terms, like physically handicapped people and elderly.

Just simply hopping into a vehicle, pressing the buttons and travelling your journey may sound awesome, but can the idea be conceived in the similar way as it is being thought.

According to a researchers’ review team at the MIT Technology, there are many unanswered questions about the Google’s self driving cars that are posing serious safety concerns.

The review team says Google’s self-driving cars have successfully driven over 700,000 miles so far relying on the maps, offered by the search engine, which has been fed in its command systems.  But if any problem is encountered with the maps and it gives wrong details about the destination or if it comes to any unmapped area, then how will it act in such an urgent and critical situation.

According to the review team, such situations can become more severe 0issue as far as safety is concerned.

Responding to the concerns of the MIT researchers, Chris Urmson, director of Google’s car team, said that the company is currently addressing the issue.

Urmson, however,  didn’t disclose about how they will address the issue and what’s the progress.

If Google works out the misses, kinks and the shortcomings, it will set a revolutionary trend with its driverless.

These cars have big advantages. It could prevent accidents considerably. The drunk and driving cases can also be checked with the help of these unmanned vehicles. It will also offer potentially flexible travel options for the visually impaired and physically handicapped and also to the elderly people.