Fetch harness by GoPro

FIRST it was wearable technology for us humans. Now humanity is being coaxed into adopting wearable technology for our pets.

High definition personal camera maker GoPro has introduced a harness that will let you mount an extreme sports camera on your dog and record Fido’s adventures.

You can mount cameras on the dog’s chest or back, or even on both locations simultaneously.

You can take high definition footage of your pouch fetching a ball or stick in the park, ganging up with other mutts in the local street or dropping in unexpectedly at the neighbours.

The setup is waterproof, so you can also film your dog’s experience of having a swim, or the adventure of being shampooed in the backyard or squirted with the garden hose.

There are some downsides: your prized GoPro camera could easily be pinched if Fido is on the loose without you nearby. And given what dogs inevitably get up to with other dogs, you may end up recording more than you bargained for.

GoPro claims the camera will not disengage with the harness if it is securely attached.

GoPro’s new Fetch harness can be configured for different sizes of dogs and GoPro says it’s compatible with all its current camera models.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/technology/gopro-cameras-record-your-dogs-day-out-with-fetch-harness/story-e6frgakx-1227039504707