Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Bidding Nears $100K On eBay

Some people are willing to cough up hundreds of dollars for the new iPhone 6. On eBay, one iPhone is topping the $100,000 mark. Who is actually willing to pay that much for a phone?

Well, the owner of the iPhone, Alex Kantor, believed he had a prototype of the iPhone 6 on his hands when he ordered an upgrade from Verizon. When it arrived, the phone appeared to be running in developer mode. According to CNET, Kantor decided to test other consumers’ interests by placing the phone on eBay. Now, bidding for the phone is nearing $100,000.

“I determined that this iPhone was a version not meant for the consumer market after seeing the software version on it. I am an avid tech lover and I knew what this software was right away. It is actually called SwitchBoard and is only for internal Apple testing,” Kantor told CNET. “Also, there is no FCC markings on the rear of the device or model number. Also, there is a red port which is known on prototypes.”

Kantor believed the rare phone was sent to him directly by Verizon simple by the “luck of the draw.” Many questions have been brought up regarding if the phone is actually a prototype and if Apple would try to get the phone back. Other questions ask: are all these high bids even real? 

“I am so surprised by how high the auction has gone. Yesterday morning I was about to end the auction at $3,500 just to get out quickly. I am very happy that I decided not to end it,” Kantor said. 

It will be interesting to see how high the bidding will go with three days left on the auction.